our story;

noun; 'ohana'

'Ohana' - a term rooted in Hawaiian culture - meaning 'family; one bound by not blood but by the innate humanity within all individuals. It is a culture, deep rooted in both respect and empathy for your neighbor. A belief that humans and the collective can actively work for and with each other to ensure that everyone thrives.

1: capsule collection 1 // 541; Hamilton ON

our mission;

"To instill a culture of compassion + empathy within Hamilton; to use fashion as a vehicle to break down negative stigmas which prevent individuals from helping  others,especially those in need;"

Through our partnerships + initiatives with grass root organizations in Hamilton, as well as the sale of The Ohana Project garments, our goal is to ensure that every individual in Hamilton is fed and supported.

2: capsule collection 1 // 541 ; Hamilton ON

our vision;

The Ohana Project strives to revive and rebuild the Hamiltonian culture - a culture once driven by resilience, work ethic, and most importantly, purpose.

A purpose redefined towards an unending pride, not only in the potential of the city itself, but most importantly, the people. The people who have held up the city for so long, we believe deserve a home which invests in them.

The Ohana Project wants Hamilton to thrive – we push to inspire the collective to uplift disadvantaged and impoverished youth so they may succeed and continue to do the same for future generations to come. #LeaveNoOneBehind