The Ohana Project

"Ohana X Vie Equipment" Hoodie **PICKUP ONLY

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**NOTE: This Hoodie is strictly for pick up and cannot be combined with any other product. Please place a separate order for other apparel.

The "Ohana X Vie Equipment"  hoodie takes typographic elements from The Ohana Project + a play on character orientation to represent the vision Vie and Ohana hold for Hamont:

"To use art, design, and fashion as a vehicle to inspire and instill a love for the city we hold as family, Hamilton ONT"

50% of profits of each sweater sold will go towards supporting inner-city Highschool Dance Teams. Dance continues to be a staple medium of art which continues to unite the community and foster love and empathy amongst members. Vie and Ohana are dedicated to ensuring that these values continue to live on through the future generations of Hamilton and that art continues to build and support the people of this city.